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Himesh Bhise
Wanda Brown
Kathleen Comerford
Robert Thomas Coneybeer
T.L. Omowale Crenshaw
Courtney Karlan Della Cava
Kristin Lynch Ficery
Paola Garbarino
Kerstin Haefele-Gordon
Seema Ram Hingorani
Katalin Cecilia Horvath
Terri Jackson-Wade
Jacqueline Maurice Jenkins
Samer Khalidi
Seth Mitchell Kosik
Tonia Lee
William Joseph Lenihan

Noelle Athas Marder
Raul Rhodes McGregor
Damon Miller
Kevin Douglas Miller
Stacey Leigh Osborn
Christiane Pelz
Jeffrey Paul Schaffer
Adam Phillip Schneiberg
Heather Denease Schooler
Eric Andrew Shuey
Singu Kesavan Srinivas
Marc Stockli
Xavier Elie Sztejnberg
Suzanne Kim Tager
Jill Barbara Thramann
Gerardo Daniel Waisburg
Barry David Weisblatt
Irina T. Yuen
Mai N. Yuen

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Progress to Goal: 128.3%

Total Class Giving: $1,282,628

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Tania Rorke
Alumni Relations
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A class committee is critical to the success of our MBA Reunion program. Join the many alumni who volunteer to create a memorable weekend. You may choose to serve on your reunion committee to connect with your fellow classmates or help fundraise for your class gift in order to give back to Wharton. We thank you for your time and look forward to working with you to make your reunion the best one ever!

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