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Willoughby,Richard Rawlings
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Wright,Harry H.
Youmans,Susan Crooks

Life is a Journey

by Rabbi Alvin Fine

Birth is a beginning
And death a destination
But life is a Journey.
A going – a growing
From state to stage.

From childhood to maturity
And youth to age
From innocence to awareness
And ignorance to knowing;
From foolishness to discretion
And then perhaps,
to wisdom.

From weakness to strength
Or strength to weakness –
And, often back again.
From health to sickness
And back we pray,
to health again.

From offense to forgiveness,
From loneliness to love,
From joy to gratitude,
From pain to compassion,
And grief to understanding
From fear to faith

From defeat to defeat to defeat
Until, looking backward or ahead,
We see that victory lies
Not at some high place along the way
But in having made the Journey
stage by stage
A sacred pilgrimage.

Birth is a beginning
And death a destination
But life is a journey,
A sacred pilgrimage
Made stage by stage
From birth to death
To life everlasting.

A Ship Sets Sail

By The Very Reverend Charles H. Brent, Sometime Bishop of Salisbury

What is dying?

I am standing at the shore.
A ship sails to the morning breeze
And starts for the ocean.
She is an object of beauty
And I wait watching her
Till at last she fades on the horizon
And someone at my side says,
“She is gone.”

Gone! Where?
Gone from my sight – that is all.

She is just as large in the masts,
Hull and spars as when I saw her,
And just as able in every way.
The diminished size and, now, total loss of sight
Is in me, not her.

And just at the moment when someone at my side says,
“She is gone,”
There are others who are watching her coming,
And other voices take up the glad shout –

“There she comes!”

And that is dying.

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MBA Reunion Weekend 2022 May 13 to 14

MBA alumni with class years ending in 2, 7, and Emeritus Society

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Class of 2020 and 2021 One-Year MBA Reunion Weekend 2022 May 20 to 22

WG'20 and WG'21 Reunion and Commencement Celebrations

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MBA for Executives Reunion 2022

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MBA Reunion Reimagined 2022

Full-time MBA alumni with class years ending in 0, 1, 5, 6, the Class of 2019, and WEMBA East alumni

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June 8, 2022

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