Tom Hadlock, WG’66

John (Jack) Smith, W’51, WG’52
Carl Shaifer, WG’57
Robert Blumenthal, WG’63
Eugene Di Re, WG’52
John D’Luhy, WG’59
Mary Lou Doherty, Esq., W’64, WG’66
John A. Hendricks, WG’66
Henry V. Janoski, WG’60
Thomas O. Jones, CE’54, WG’58
Clifford Leventhal, C’51, WG’56

Ed Lyons, WG’64
John A. Majane, WG’58
Salomon Moussatche, WG’48
Robert A. Natiello, WG’56
Rick Perkins, WG’70
C. DeWitt Peterson
Paul Schurr, WG’62
Milton Silver, EE’50, WG’52
Myron Weiner, WG’51
Thomas Vincent, WG’56
Kevin Woelflein, WG’58
Quincy Williams, WG’57

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