Engagement Class Committee

Kenneth Beck
Joan Bocina
Henry Chan
Warren Colter
Charlie Crowley
Bob Domine
Steve Feld
Cynthia Frick
Pam Harris
Ram Kelkar
Jeff Montgomery
Paul Sloate
Cathryn Ploger Taylor
Leanne Tobias
Diane Ty
JD White

Giving Class Committee

Ram Kelkar
Nelson Lam
Cathryn Ploger Taylor
Robert Friedman

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Things To Do At Reunion

There are so many ways for the whole family to learn and have fun at Wharton and in Philadelphia.

Your Wharton Class Contacts


Tania Rorke
Alumni Relations
Years 15, 20, 25, 30


Beth Truta

Beth Truta
Wharton Fund
Years 15, 20, 25, 30

Global Forums

Global Forum Hong Kong 2017
June 22 – 24

Global Forum Sydney 2018
March 7 – 9